Radio Link - Supporting Our Town Centres

Radio Link – Protect Staff, Reduce Loss

• Do you want to reduce your stock theft?

• Are you looking at ways to make your premises more secure and protect your staff?

• Do you wish to work more closely with the police and town centre wardens?

Erewash Partnership Ltd, the Police, CCTV, Town Wardens and local businesses are working together to fight crime in our town centres.
The system can also alert traders about lost children so that they can be quickly reunited with parents/carers.
Join the Radio Link scheme and share information with other users and alert members and officers when known or suspected offenders are on the town.

Features and Costs
Security - Messages are scrambled to prevent eavesdroppers.
Group messaging - The system has been designed to link across the Borough of Erewash and will allow Town Wardens, CCTV and Police to share information discreetly, whilst maintaining contact with the Link.
One to one messaging - Just like a phone, it is possible to speak securely with one other member by direct dial.
Theft of radio - Radios may be stunned or barred to ensure system integrity.
Regular crime meetings - Meetings are held locally to update operational practice and share information and experience between the retail community, Police, CCTV and Town Wardens.
Panic over-ride - Each radio has a panic button in case of personal attack – this over-rides all transmissions and alerts all users by displaying caller ID and providing an audible alert and real time audio transmission.
Training & Marketing - We provide full and on-going training in the use of the system and all marketing materials – window stickers, cubicle stickers, call lists and press releases.
Costs - To join the digital radio link only costs £7 per week plus VAT on a rental basis only!
Erewash Partnership Ltd has kept all costs to a bare minimum, as such, there are no other costs associated with the project. The radio equipment, base stations and licenses remain the property of Erewash Partnership Ltd. In the unlikely event of a radio malfunctioning, Erewash Partnership Ltd will replace the radio. A fair wear and tear policy applies.