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A win-win for business: challenge a team of Master’s degree students and gain fresh ideas and research insights for your organisation

If your business ambitions include expansion or growth, or you feel you could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes on a challenge you don’t have much time for yourself, you can set a project for a team of students for free. At the same time you’ll be helping the next generation of business professionals gain valuable experience and practice.

Nottingham Business School, part of Nottingham Trent University, offers all its full time Masters students a variety of Experiential Learning opportunities as part of their degree, and the majority of these students will be assigned a real-life business challenge to work on over the course of about 6-7 weeks.

The School works in collaboration with organisations of all sizes, including start-up organisations and sole traders, as well as more established larger businesses, to agree challenges on a wide range of business topics.

Whether your challenge relates to finance and accounting, or human resource management, market analysis, or exploring new business development ideas, a team of students can carry out a short research-led project with you as their client. Their project forms a supervised part of their business degree and at the end of the project you will be invited to hear them present their research findings and analysis to you.

During the academic year 2021/22, 724 masters students worked on 157 unique business projects, and 92% of these organisations said they’d recommend the experience to others. One organisation which benefitted from the work of a team of MSc Finance students said, “They were an excellent team and helped me to create a plan for growing my business.” Another organisation said that the most beneficial thing being involved in a student projects was, “Having an academic perspective to our work and some additional resource to look in detail in a specific area which is important, but we didn’t have the time/resource to work on it much ourselves.”

It’s easy to get involved. A dedicated team at NBS can help you shape your ideas in to a suitable brief, will write it up for you, and make sure it’s assigned to a team. The only thing it will cost you is some of your time, allowing the students to talk to you and understand your needs in more detail.

The next round of projects begin in October 2023, and the team is actively seeking even more challenges than last year.

Learn more by visiting: www.ntu.ac.uk/nbspgconsultancy, or email the team today on NBSStudentProjects@ntu.ac.uk

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