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AB Components Ltd – Clean Air Purifiers

Eliminate at least 99.995% of airborne pollutants (including viruses, bacteria and dust) from the air

The air we breathe in offices and other enclosed spaces contains a number of pollutants which are invisible to the naked eye.

We all need pure clean air. However, this is especially important for children and people with allergies, breathing problems, asthma or other lung conditions.

ABC can offer a range of air purification options to help fight viruses, bacteria, odours, pollen, spores and moulds.

All of the models we offer are:

Quiet during operation

HEPA 14 standard (99.995% effective filtration)

Low on energy consumption

Suitable for easy-to-change replacement filters

Easy to use – just switch on and go!

Visit www.abcomponents.org/air-purifier
to see the clean air purifiers in action.

Choosing the right air purifier:

ABC have carefully investigated the options currently available on the market. We are confident that what we can offer, will give optimum effectiveness, low noise level, overall size effectiveness, build quality and environmental friendliness.

The air purifiers are suitable for many environments, including:
Offices – Educational Settings – Dentists
Doctors – Shops – Vets
Food Preparation Areas – Restaurants Pubs/ Bars
Trade Counters – Care Homes – Banks
Event Rooms – Canteens – Sports Facilities
Foyers – Hotels – Toilets

Special prices for Erewash Partnership Members between £2,150 & £4,795 depending on the model required, all prices exclude VAT


0115 932 3227
sales@abcomponents.org               www.abcomponents.org

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