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Are you registered to vote?

Erewash Borough Council has issued a reminder to local residents that they must be registered by Monday 17 April to have their right to vote in May’s local elections.

Anyone old enough to vote who is not on the Council’s Register of Electors by the deadline day will lose their vote. The deadline for new applications to vote by post is the following day – 5pm on Tuesday 18 April.

Residents will go to the polls on Thursday 4 May to vote in the Erewash Borough Council elections, when 47 councillors will be elected. Parish Council elections will also take place and residents will be asked to vote in the Breadsall Planning Referendum.

The Register of Electors is checked and updated every year but anyone who has recently moved house or just moved to the borough – or young people who have celebrated their 18th birthday over the last year – need to ensure their details are registered.

It is quick and easy to register online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote Residents who want to check that they are registered to vote in Erewash can fill in an online form that will be responded to within one working day.

More information can be found at erewash.gov.uk/elections

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