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Business Startup Support Programme

Thinking of starting your own business?

FREE support is available from Erewash Partnership Ltd

Erewash Partnership (EPL) helps new and established businesses by providing information and advice on every aspect of running a business, including business start-up, survival, virtual office solutions, success and growth. We also manage three business centres in Erewash offering a range of workshop, manufacturing and office space with flexible in/out terms.

There are no costs to participants – the only eligibility criteria is that people wishing to access the support have an Erewash postcode and the desire to start a business.

Starting a Business:

If you are thinking of creating a new business venture, this can carry a number of risks and rewards. We can help you identify these, and work with you to mitigate any associated risks.  All new businesses can benefit from support and advice to ensure that the new venture has the greatest chance of success and survival.

We can explain the differences between being an employee working for someone else and working for yourself and running your own business.

We can provide guidance on what is needed to set up the business and on the appropriate legal structure for you. We will explain the pros and cons of the various options available.

We can provide an initial business diagnostic of your proposed business and start to look at its overall viability. We can help you to start to put together a business case which will address important business details such as:

  • Product to be sold
  • Market for the Product
  • Route to market
  • Promotion of the Business
  • Sales pricing
  • Analysis of competition
  • Insurance and banking arrangements
  • Financials (both investment and projections)

Starting a new business can be a very exciting time and it is our experience that the more time spent on planning the business the more likely is the chance of success.

Most of our support is provided through prearranged meetings, calls or Zoom meetings with our experienced business advisers, on a confidential basis. We also run workshops for specific aspects of starting a business which allows clients to meet other people taking the same journey.

Thank you so much Lottie, and Richard for our conversation today. It was a great introduction into quite a scary unknown. Thanks for giving me a good place to get started without too much info overload!

Jack Ramsden

“I have been trading for the past year and as the business started to take flight, it became obvious that I had no idea how to start or grow the business! The Partnership provided the foundations on what steps to take when starting out, offering training and support that I needed and introduced me to other businesses who were in the same position. They encourage people to share their knowledge and understand the barriers that we all face from time to time as it can be a lonely world when you are starting your business venture.  I am now a member of the Partnership. The Partnership support me tremendously as my business grows (even when times get tough) by offering networking events, support, advice, guidance, expertise and much more.”

Amanda Bayliss – Director
Hello People Solutions

Get in touch! 
Please do contact us, we are friendly, flexible and want to help you!  We can tailor a plan to suit your individual needs and will work at your pace!

Tel: 0115 946 8839
Email: help@erewash-partnership.com

You can download our business plan templates below along with our financial spreadsheets.

Questions & Answers

These are expenses that happen before you launch and start bringing in any revenue. For example, many new companies incur expenses for legal work, logo design, brochures, location site, and improvements, and other expenses. Startup expenses also include expenses such as rent and payroll that start before launch and continue from then on.

Typical startup assets are cash (in the form of the money in the bank when the company starts), and in many cases, starting inventory. Other starting assets might be either current or long-term assets, such as equipment, office furniture, vehicles, and so on.

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