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Ecotect Ltd – member offer at Trade Prices!

As a new EPL member, Ecotect Ltd would like to help fellow members source the products that will protect them as many businesses return to work over the next few weeks.  All their products are recyclable, there are no other visors that are 100% recyclable as their research has found in the UK.

Ectotect Ltd are a Derbyshire based business offering top quality CE marked products which are made from recycled materials that are also 100% recyclable, including PPE visors and sneeze guards made by UK brands under one roof which not only have great green credentials, but are also fit for 2020.

They have an article published in the Horse and Hound Magazine this week as they were amazed by their Recyclable PPE visors!

Ecotect Ltd would like to offer TRADE PRICES to all EPL members on all products.  Please do get in touch https://www.ecotect.uk/ Tel: 07399158245

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