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Erewash poised to phase out grants to parish councils

A proposal to end “free” garden waste collections is being considered by Erewash Borough Council as part of a number of changes to household waste collection services.

Erewash is among only a few councils not to charge residents for collecting garden waste where many other councils have an annual fee to pay for the service.

The proposed subscription charges include an ‘early bird’ fully discounted fee of £20 for the first year which will be available to all residents if they sign up for the service by 31 March, 2024. Those who sign-up after the 31 March by direct debit would pay a reduced fee of £32 for the service, and for non-direct debit payers, the full price would be £37 per year.

The new charges for garden waste collection could be brought in as early as next April under plans to be considered by Council Executive on 5 September. Residents would be invited late this year or early in 2024 to sign up for the council’s garden waste collection scheme.

From year two and as part of the cost-of-living action scheme, the council plans to offer a 25% discount on subscriptions for first bins to households that are in receipt of council tax support.

Councillor Joel Bryan, Erewash Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment, says:

        “In an ideal world we would want to carry on with the current system – even though brown bin collections have never actually been free for the council and it is not a statutory service.

         “This move is ultimately to protect the council’s frontline services with a budget gap of £1m plus for next year and to make sure we continue to provide a high standard of collections to residents.”

Residents who choose not to participate in the garden waste subscription scheme will still be able to take their garden waste to one of the Derbyshire County Council’s household waste recycling centres or compost their garden waste at home.

In support of home composting, the council will subsidise composting bins and offer half price bins for up to 1,000 households (£14.25 instead of £28.50) via ‘Getcomposting’.  Households would still need to pay the £6.99 delivery charge.

Other proposed changes to the council’s operational services include:

  • Discontinuing the council’s free community household waste collection service.  Residents can instead dispose of items at Ilkeston Household Recycling Centre on Manners Road or use the council’s bulky waste collection service.

  • Removal of the household waste recycling bring banks at Stanton Road car park (Ilkeston), Asda car park (Long Eaton), West Park leisure centre car park (Long Eaton) and Co-op car park (Sawley). All items that can be recycled at these sites can be put in blue bins and green bags as part of the fortnightly household collections.

The council is committed to supporting people through the cost-of living. Information and advice can be found at erewash.gov.uk

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