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Goldbury Paint and Powercoat Ltd- A Blast to Last!

Goldbury Paint and Powdercoat Ltd is a third-generation family business specialising in powder coating, wet paint spraying and shotblasting. Established in 1995 and serves a variety of industries from rail and aerospace through to independent artists and the general public.


The business knew it needed to invest in replacing some of its out-dated machinery but lacked the finances to fund a bold investment of tens of thousands of pounds.

Investing in a newer and more efficient oven was an obvious choice. As important was investment in a new shot blaster. This long-held ambition to bring shotblasting inhouse would give the business much greater control and reduce reliance on external partners.

Solution and Impact

Advice was sought from Richard Smallwood, Business Adviser for D2N2 Growth Hub and Erewash Partnership who suggested that the Business Investment Fund (BIF) would be a possible source of funding.

BIF support allowed for the purchase of one of the largest powder coating box ovens in the East Midlands which has transformed the business’s ability to complete jobs in a much shorter space of time.

A year later, support from BIF has also helped establish a large in-house shotblasting facility which removes the risk of using an external supplier, and means the company can offer its customers greater assurance on quality and lead times.

Having signed up to D2N2 Growth Hub communications means the business is regularly updated on all new opportunities, including the benefits of joining the East Midlands Manufacturing Network, an East Midlands Chamber initiative bringing together the region’s manufacturers.

“I’ve come to really rely on the support I receive from Erewash Partnership, D2N2 Growth Hub and now the Chamber. As a relatively new director, I want to get my hands on as much advice and learning as possible, in the shortest space of time. Whether it’s learning about new funding opportunities, joining the East Midlands Manufacturing Network or joining Growth Hub webinars, I know there’s so much at my disposal.”

– Tom Hough, Director

“Goldbury knew that investing in machinery was the best way in which to propel its growth. I’m so pleased the Business Investment Fund has allowed that to happen. It really has given Tom and the team the best springboard for expanding in the East Midlands.”

– Richard Smallwood, Business Adviser

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