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It’s all about good conduct

A 12-week consultation has just opened to gain the views of residents and local councillors on Erewash Borough Council’s Members’ Code of Conduct.

All elected and co-opted members of the council, including parish councillors, must abide by the Code, which is all about maintaining standards.

The council is now looking to update its Members’ Code of Conduct by adopting the Local Government Association’s recommended model and wants to hear the views of both the public and members.

The consultation was launched today (5 September) and is open until 28 November. Visit www.erewash.gov.uk/consultations

Councillor Carol Hart, Leader of Erewash Borough Council, says:

“Residents have the right to expect the highest standards from the people they elect to represent them and that is something we have always taken very seriously here at Erewash – as we know our colleagues across the country do as well.

“So it’s right that we review and update our Members’ Code of Conduct we hope that our residents will share their views on a proposed new Code, which is based on national local government guidelines.”

Hard copies of the survey are available on request. Please email colin.handley@erewash.gov.uk

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