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Landmark Ilkeston building set to be future proofed with low carbon and renewable technologies

A refurbishment scheme that is currently being managed by local contractor J Tomlinson in partnership with client Erewash Borough Council (EBC) is set to benefit from an array of low carbon technologies designed to reduce carbon emissions and fuel bills, and significantly improve energy efficiency ratings.

Since commencing internal upgrades at Toll Bar House – one of the most distinctive buildings in the town centre of Ilkeston, Derbyshire – EBC, supported by J Tomlinson, has managed to secure £126,000.00 worth of grant funding via Salix Finance’s Decarbonisation Scheme. Launched in 2020,

the scheme provided Government grant funding, and was designed to help public sector organisations undertake projects specifically designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and lower energy bills.

As well as undertaking comprehensive refurbishment and remodelling works across the three‐storey building, which will form 27 managed offices, the funding will help future‐proof Toll Bar House for EBC and future occupants via the application of low carbon technologies which include roof-mounted solar PV, energy‐efficient storage heaters, and LED lighting. In addition, J Tomlinson will be replacing and upgrading all windows with double‐glazing to help further enhance insulation levels.

Introduction of battery storage will serve to strengthen Toll Bar House’s newly energy efficient status by allowing the Council to store excess energy generated by the solar panels, which can then be released when needed. As well as helping to significantly reduce electricity bills and carbon emissions, this type of solar energy storage also helps to decrease reliance on the national grid.

Application of the new technologies is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 13 carbon tonnes per annum, contributing to EBC’s decarbonisation targets. In addition, the secured grant funding will provide the Council with additional revenue spread over the lifecycle of the newly refurbished building.

Built in 1930 and since acquired by Erewash Borough Council, Toll Bar House was rented to public sector organisations before being declared ‘unlettable’ by the council in 2020 due to its age and non-energy-efficient design.

Other works being undertaken by J Tomlinson to help future‐proof and modernise the building in line with the government’s net zero 2050 target include upgrades to heating, lighting and water systems, as well as window replacements and new thermal insulation.

Upon completion in late summer, the project is expected to create over 90 jobs in the area, providing future Toll Bar House occupants with the flexibility to combine spaces and create larger letting units.

Councillor Michael Powell, Erewash Borough Council’s Lead Member for Regeneration and Planning, says: “Energy efficiency is at the very heart of this regeneration project. It will provide much-needed quality accommodation for businesses while also having an important and positive impact on the environment. It’s a successful partnership with J Tomlinson to transform this iconic building.”

Iain Davies, managing director of J Tomlinson’s refurbishment and engineering division, added: “We’re extremely pleased to have assisted EBC in securing the funding required to ensure that Toll Bar House is fully equipped for the future.

“J Tomlinson is committed to working in partnership with our clients to help them reduce their carbon impact by helping them implement low carbon technologies and efficiencies across their assets.

“The low carbon and renewable technologies that we’re currently implementing as part of this exciting modernisation project will make a huge different to Toll Bar House – not only in terms of energy efficiency, but also the comfort of future occupants whom will be proud to be based at this landmark building which is contributing positively to the UK’s climate change agenda.”

Founded in the 1950s, J Tomlinson provides a range of integrated and standalone building solutions including repairs and maintenance, renewable energy, facilities management, construction, refurbishment and engineering services, with its Beeston‐based head office situated just 20 minutes from Toll Bar House.

The company, which operates primarily across the East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire, North East and North West England, works closely with a range of key sectors, including local government authorities, providing sustainable building, maintenance and refurbishment services.

Its expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions stretches from auditing and consultancy and design through to installation and maintenance. The company’s solutions include air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, LED lighting, and solar PV and storage.

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