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Maggie calls for greater protection for whistleblowers in a parliamentary debate

Maggie Throup, Member of Parliament for Erewash, has called for greater protections for whistleblowers in a parliamentary debate.

On Thursday 23 March, to round off the inaugural Whistleblowing Awareness Week 2023, Maggie participated in a debate to highlight how whistleblowers are the most effective line of defence against crime, corruption and malpractice.

Maggie commented:

“Over many decades, thanks to the courageous efforts of whistleblowers, serious cases of wrongdoing, including corruption and malpractice have been brought to the attention of the public.

“Whilst, in principle, individuals are protected under the 1998 Public Interest Disclosures Act, we know that, in practice, whistleblowers remain vulnerable to retaliation for their actions due, in part, to the current inadequacies of existing legislation. 

“I have heard stories throughout the week of the mistreatment many have faced when they have tried to expose information that is in the public’s interest.

“The UK is falling behind other countries, including those within in Europe, who have already set up and introduced penalties for employers that do not comply with whistleblower protections.

“It is clear there is appetite in both Houses of Parliament to do more to protect whistleblowers. I would urge the Government to bring in the necessary legislation to greater protect whistleblowers, to ensure that the types of serious cases we have heard about throughout the week continue to be exposed in the public interest.”

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