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Maggie Throup MP welcomes extra investment for Academies

  • Kirk Hallam Community Academy and Saint John Houghton Catholic Volunteer Academy in Erewash are two of the latest 239 schools across England set to benefit from the Conservative Government’s ten-year School Rebuilding Programme, which has invested over £13 billion to maintain and improve schools since 2015.
  • 400 schools have been announced so far, with a further 100 expected to be confirmed in future years, delivering on the Conservative’s manifesto commitment to give every child access to a great school and a world-class education.
  • Work to rebuild the schools announced will start immediately, creating jobs, apprenticeships, and training opportunities around the country, backed by £1.8 billion this financial year.

Maggie Throup, Member of Parliament for Erewash has welcomed the announcement that Kirk Hallam Community Academy and Saint John Houghton Catholic Volunteer Academy have been selected as two of the latest 239 schools that will be rebuilt or substantially refurbished as part of the fourth round of the Conservative Government’s School Rebuilding Programme.

The programme will provide the funding to transform 500 schools across England, delivering on the Government’s commitment to level up opportunity around the country by giving every child access to the best classrooms, wherever they go to school.

The School Rebuilding Programme is backed by £1.8 billion of government funding this financial year, helping to rebuild and refurbish primary, secondary, and specialist schools, in addition to sixth form colleges around England.

The funding for the two Erewash schools will help to deliver state of the art learning environments for pupils, such as new classrooms, science labs, sports halls, and dining halls. The majority of the projects are set to be completed in three to five years.

Each school in the programme has been selected based on the condition of its buildings, making sure the greatest improvements are delivered for schools that need them the most and maximising children’s chances to gain the skills and knowledge they need.

The new buildings will be more energy efficient for future winter resilience, helping schools keep bills down and meeting our Net Zero commitments.

As well as delivering world-class learning environments for pupils, the School Rebuilding Programme will also create opportunities, jobs, and apprenticeships – from the construction industry to suppliers, businesses will be offering training as part of their involvement in the projects.

Commenting, Maggie said:

“The quality of facilities in schools can have a significant impact on a student’s learning and I have been working closely with the Conservative Government to secure investment in our schools to offer children the best opportunity to succeed.

“That is why I welcome the news that Kirk Hallam Community Academy and Saint John Houghton Catholic Volunteer Academy will benefit from the latest round of the School Rebuilding Programme, backed by £1.8 billion in 2022–34 to rebuild and refurbish 239 more schools across the country, including updating and modernising buildings by creating state of the art sports halls, music rooms, science labs, and dining areas.

“This investment will improve the experience of students at these schools in Ilkeston, helping them to learn, develop, and achieve their full potential.”

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