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DEBP – Wilsthorpe School Mock Interviews


DEBP is a charitable company that supports local students with employability skills and awareness training.

DEBP are supporting the year 11 students at Wilsthorpe School with some mock interviews spread over 3 days. We welcome employers and employees to come and give the students as close to a realistic interview experience as possible.

We have some sample questions for you, however please feel free to use your own.

The aim of the exercise is to get the students ready for an interview experience and be able to think on their feet when answering some unexpected questions.

The interviews last for c.15-20 mins and there is time for some feedback for the students on their answers as well as how they handled the experience.

Dates & times:
Monday 7th February AM 9:45-12:10
Monday 7th February PM 12.30-15.00
Tuesday 8th February AM 9:45-12:10
Tuesday 8th February PM 12.30-15.00
Wednesday 9th February AM 9:45-12:10

This is the 6th year we have supported Wilsthorpe School with this activity and we have always found it beneficial to both the interviewees AND the interviewers.

Please get in touch with Iain on either 07913122912 or iain.mcbride@debp.org if you have any questions, would like some further information or you are able to support any of the days or part days.

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