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Introducing – Yummies Dessert Bar Ltd


Having worked as a chef for 18 years, I have always wanted to run my own catering business. Whilst I really enjoyed working as part of a team in a big kitchen, we never really engaged with our customers in the dining rooms.  Face-to-face contact is personally rewarding in many ways, not least from the instant feedback given about the food that you are preparing.

I have nurtured the idea of making the move from being an employee to running my own business for a long time, but it is a big step and needs a lot of planning. A great friend was a potential business partner and we had discussed how we might make the transition. We had several great ideas but gradually the concept of a dessert bar was formed. Early in 2020 an opportunity arose for a lease on an ex-beauty salon in Ilkeston.

Ilkeston really excited us, a great place, nice people, and a location that was central for deliveries and with passing trade. We felt that this was a fantastic opportunity for us to establish the business.

Little did we know the challenge that we would have during 2020 to get the business established. Investing most of our savings into converting an ex-beauty salon into a café and take-away with kitchen and food storage as the UK went into its first lockdown was a real headache. Getting access to trades people and equipment proved far more challenging than we could have imagined. A four month programme turned into 6 months, and there were further delays as promises for delivery were made and then broken. Eventually, and just over 8 months from starting the company, we opened the business to our first customers on 15th February 2021.

Our initial business model was for a café with take-away, however, the Covid restrictions have meant that the café has been put on hold so we can only offer a take-away and delivery service and we are linked through Food Hub and Just Eat.

The first month has flown past and we feel that we are starting to get established. There is a growing customer base, and the great thing for me are the returning customers and fantastic feedback we are getting. There is nothing more satisfying for a chef than the positive comments we continue to receive from our customers. We will continue to promote our ideas on new desserts through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat so our customers can see how we are developing our menu.

We want to reach out to new customers and establish a larger menu. We will be opening as a café as soon as covid restrictions allow and are looking to convert our back yard to allow outside seating.

Our best selling items are the wide range of waffles that we produce. From a really healthy fresh fruit laden Volcano Blast, through to Banoffee Waffles. Our Milk Shakes are selling well with the strawberry and white chocolate my personal favourite. We have a full range of great ice creams and these can be mixed with a range of fresh fruit, nut, chocolate and your favourite sweet toppings. I have also developed a deep fried ice cream that is proving very popular, and is something that you really must try – perhaps with the desiccated coconut and strawberry syrup?

So please come in and give us a try, I am sure that you will not be disappointed.


Food Hub – https://yummiesdessert.com/order-now

Just Eat – https://www.just-eat.co.uk/restaurants-yummies-dessert-bar-west-hallamilkeston/menu

Offer Expires: May 7, 2021

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