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Laura G Therapy



Latest studies show that 52% of all workers are feeling burned out resulting in employees of all ages experiencing the impact of stress, fatigue & mental health challenges – making it almost impossible to focus on their job in hand!

Understanding the causes & current state of burnout can help you develop strategies to prevent it & develop a mental wellness toolkit that is strong enough to by stand any mental health crisis – but it all starts with the foundations

Whether you are a Director, Leader, Support worker or an individual who needs support – there are ways to help yourself & others & not become another statistic!

Laura Gomm is a qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner & Sound Healer who has a real passion for helping people find that inner happiness & wellness – irrespective of their age, gender or background.

As well as working with 121 clients I have now also extended my services to work with charities, schools & corporate Organizations in sharing my knowledge relating to mental wellbeing & neuroscience.

Providing leaders & staff with training to help them incorporate mental wellness into their everyday settings to provide & promote overall mental wellness & resilience.

Prior to setting up my private practice I worked within the corporate environment in high leadership roles for over 15 years which adds to my extensive knowledge of what techniques can be used to help build resilience, focus & calmness within the workplace.

My mission is to create a happier & healthier world by promoting positive mental health whilst equipping people with the tools for them to maintain a healthy positive mental wellbeing both at work & at home that will last them a life time.

This can be carried out through both psychological & holistic approaches by;

  • Facilitating team building days to ensure wellbeing is considered a key factor in an organisations long term success & effectiveness
  • Delivering wellness sessions via meditations, sound healing & emotional freedom movement sessions to help promote calmness, focus & overall health improvements
  • Workshops, talks & human motivation activities to help with performance & succession goals
  • Support in any mental health awareness policies, procedures or training
  • Providing additional training to managers on how best to support employees with their mental health
  • Offering discounted therapy sessions to staff who are referred through the Organisation
  • 121 wellness sessions, including: onsite or virtual drop-in wellbeing surgeries where staff can book in for hypnotherapy or coaching sessions to help with life or work related areas of their specific focus.

Some of the benefits these provide are:-

Reduces negative feelings, anxiety, stress, tension & depression

Improvements to overall wellbeing & sleep meaning better performance & focus in day-to-day life & less chance of sickness

Helps with physical health eg. lowers blood pressure, cholesterol levels & the chances of stroke,

Reduces burn out & helps regulate moods

Improves emotional health, including confidence, empathy, compassion & patience

Increased concentration, decision making, focus & helps improve memory

These are all designed to assist in the rise we are seeing with neurological & mental health conditions & disorders.

Providing not only awareness but also long-term coping techniques, which leave staff & associates feeling calmer & more resilient.

As an introductory offer I am offering all Erewash Partnership Members the following discounts until 1st November 2022;

  • 121 therapy or coaching sessions (online or at Private Clinic) – £65 per hourly session (minimum of 3 sessions to be booked)
  • Group staff wellness sessions, Organisational Mental Wellness Training & Support & Workshops or Mental Health Policy Support – £100 per hour (minimum of 2 hours support)
  • Onsite or virtual drop-in wellbeing surgeries for staff – £525 (9.30am – 3.30pm)

Contact Laura Gomm for further information;

Tel; 07789173378

Email: Laura@lauragtherapy.com

Website: www.lauragtherapy.com

Offer Expires: November 2, 2022

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