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Leap-Physio Ltd – Services


Are you human?
Do you have a body?
Do you have an injury or pain?
Do you want to get better?

If you answered yes, leap-physio.co.uk can help you.

Welcome to Leap-Physio. Online person-centred care.

Leap-Physio delivers honest online physiotherapy for you anytime and anywhere. No more waiting in line, no long waiting lists. Instead, get  advice and learn how to get better.

You may wonder how physio can be delivered online? 75% of consultations in Europe can be resolved remotely. If you want to resolve pain and injury, it is not just about a prod and a poke. You may be starting a new business, just like me, and you certainly don’t want musculoskeletal issues (fancy term for muscles, bones, joints and nerves) to blight your success.

You are not alone. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2020 highlights 9.1 million people in England live with low back pain alone. Over 20% of people in Derbyshire report musculoskeletal problems.

We are focused on what matters to you, whether it is your back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle or more. With over a decade of experience in the NHS and private practice assessing and treating people with new and old injuries, leap-physio.co.uk is here to help you be successful!

Get in touch: https://leap-physio.co.uk/contact-us

Book: https://leap-physio.co.uk/book-online

Call: 07794202876

Email: malik@leap-physio.co.uk

Engage, Explore, Enjoy


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