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Mini First Aid Nottingham and Derby Ltd – 2024 courses


Award winning First Aid training for your workplace. 2024 dates for our open courses in Long Eaton.

Award winning Mini First Aid Nottingham and Derby are pleased to announce the first half of their 2024 open course dates for their workplace qualification courses. These courses take place at our Long Eaton venue on Midland Street near Asda. We can also come to you in your setting. Email maria@minifirstaid.co.uk or Tel: 07354 856295 for a quote.

Special discount code for members is EP10 please quote when booking.

Emergency First Aid at Work. 1 day FAIB accredited qualification. £70pp

17th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13518
27th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13559
20th March 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13544
20th April 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13561
15th May 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13520
15th June 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13562
17th July 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13521

Emergency Paediatric First Aid. 1 day FAIB Accredited qualification. £70pp

17th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13525
27th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13566
20th March 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13526
20th April 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13567
15th May 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13527
15th June 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13568
17th July 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13528

Full Paediatric First Aid – Blended. 12 hour FAIB accredited qualification in blended format (Elearning module plus 1 day face to face). £85pp

17th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13532
27th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13571
20th March 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13533
20th April 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13572
15th May 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13534
15th June 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13573
17th July 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13535

First Aid At Work – Blended. 18 hour FAIB accredited qualification in blended format (Elearning module plus 2 days face to face). £175pp

17th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13543
20th March 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13544
15th May 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13545
17th July 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13546

First Aid at work requalification. Must have an existing First Aid at Work certificate no less than 30 days expired on the first date of the course. 2 day FAIB accredited. £125pp

17th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13508
20th March 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13512
15th May 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13513
17th July 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13514

First Aid at work requalification – blended. As above but 1 day face to face plus an Elearning module. £125pp

17th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13550
27th January 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13577
20th March 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13551
20th April 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13578
15th May 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13552
15th June 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13579
17th July 2024: https://nottingham.minifirstaid.co.uk/classes/open/13553

Offer Expires: July 16, 2024

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