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Partnership staff busy giving advice and support to businesses during pandemic

ENTERPRISE agency Erewash Partnership has helped more than 200 businesses with constructive advice and support since the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

The Partnership headquarters are in Long Eaton, but by using a ‘crisis recovery plan’ to cope with any emergency, staff have been working remotely from home to provide essential help for members and others during this difficult time for businesses.

Staff have helped more than 200 businesses across all sectors, including manufacturing, retail, small businesses and self-employed workers by phone, video-conferencing, and e-mail. The Partnership has also published a regular news update bulletin which members have been sharing with others.

Chief Executive, Ian Viles said that businesses including non-members have been seeking out the enterprise agency and asking for advice on subjects such as business rates grants, furloughing workers, grants for self-employed people and a recovery plan after the coronavirus crisis has been dealt with.

“We have not turned people away,” he said. “We have been doing our best to assist anybody that needs help.”

Some companies – among them The Designer Sofa, a bespoke manufacturer and retailer in Long Eaton – have joined the Partnership because of the help and advice they have been given.

“We have also had individuals seeking advice about starting a business,” said Ian. “Sadly, some of them have lost or fear losing their jobs, and want to use their skills and experience to make a fresh start.

“We have been so busy, even taking calls at weekends and giving advice and reassurance that may just help people sleep at night.

“We believe there are some businesses that may not have survived the crisis wihtout our help and support”.

The extra work generated by the crisis has made it one of the busiest times in the Partnership’s 26-year history.

“It’s been a hectic and challenging, but rewarding time and it’s great to know that we are making a difference,” added Ian.

“I’m proud of the way that our small but experienced team has risen to the task in such a decisive and professional manner.”

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