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Waste not, want not

Local residents are being urged to back the nationwide effort that encourages people to reduce waste in these challenging times when resources are stretched to the limit.

In Erewash, the borough council is focusing its efforts on household waste and recycling collections – but has appealed to residents for their help in these unprecedented times by adapting to the changed circumstances that everyone is experiencing.

The challenge facing everyone is to minimise the household waste and look at ways of packing or reducing recyclable waste. By doing this, residents can make a valuable contribution to the community-wide effort to help refuse collections continue as efficiently as possible.

Here are some very simple key messages where you can help:

  • Please don’t put recyclable waste in black bins. This takes up space in the collection vehicles needed for general household rubbish. Crush down all recycling items you are putting in blue bins/green bags. For example, flatten cardboard boxes and plastic bottles/cartons – don’t just throw them straight in the bin. This way you will create more space.
  • The government has issued a plea for householders not to burn recyclable waste.
  • As tempting as it is, avoid big clear-outs at this time unless you have somewhere to store all the items you could recycle or send to a charity shop once things return to normal.
  • Make the most of the food you have. Be a champion of the ‘don’t waste food’ campaign.
  • Do not be empted to use ‘waste cowboys’ to get rid of your rubbish. The household recycling centres are currently closed, so the waste will almost certainly be fly-tipped. There has been an increase in fly-tipping across the country and this is not acceptable.

Erewash Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment, Councillor Garry Hickton, says:

“We do understand the challenges everyone is facing right now, day in and day out, when it comes to generating waste. It is especially difficult, we know, for family households. But I hope everybody understands why we are appealing for people to work with us and see that among their many challenges is one that requires them to reduce waste wherever they can. If we can all do our bit, it will reduce the strain on our waste collection services. We are all in this together.”

There is plenty of advice and ideas online to help meet the challenges and support the refuse collections:

www.erewash.gov.uk for an A-Z of waste and recycling.

www.derbyshire.gov.uk – under ‘environment’ you will find a range of advice, including on home composting and kitchen scraps.www.lovefoodhatewaste.com – lots of ideas, including recipes with your leftover ingredients

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