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Webs Training Ltd – People First!

A story of long term commitment, perseverance and true success! Troy McCoy

Troy was unsure of what he wanted for his future, wanting some sort of trade and needing to get into employment.  Troy heard about WEBS and called in to see Lorraine Jameson for a chat about opportunities open to him …….. and the rest, as they say, is history!

I wanted to learn a trade so I could provide for myself, and I eventually wanted to run my own business.  I was originally interested in cabinet making and didn’t really know what upholstery was until I spoke to Lorraine at Webs, who sold it to me.  After a chat with Emma at Duresta, I started my apprenticeship one week later. 

That was several years ago on a Level 2 Modern Upholstery Framework, and, as a progression-based person, I then completed a Level 3 apprenticeship in Upholstery, and moved to a new company where I was able to advance my skills and complete high-end upholstery work.

I’ve always worked for myself, as well as working for an employer.  I started working out of my parent’s shed, but during the pandemic they had their kitchen done up, so I had to move.  I contacted Lorraine and she gave me lots of encouragement and let me have premises at WEBS, and because my business did so well, I never had to go back to work after furlough finished.  I am now completely self-employed and even have an apprentice of my own!

Overall, WEBS gave me the foundation to learn upholstery to a high standard, which was crucial for my jobs, and also to start my own business, which is continuing to grow.   Without WEBS none of this would have been possible.”

Troy McCoy
Owner – McCoy’s Bespoke Upholstery

Troy has now taken on an apprentice of his own.  Here is what Maxx had to say about his experience so far with Webs and McCoy’s:

“I saw the vacancy on the Apprenticeship website and did some background research on Webs and decided to apply for the role.  I came into WEBS and they said they had a vacancy with McCoy’s Bespoke Upholstery on their site and I applied and got the job.  I have carried out my induction which was useful and have been working alongside Troy for the past 12 weeks.  I am really enjoying it and have learned so much already.  I am really looking forward to working on my standard and hope that once I have completed my apprenticeship(s), I will be able to stay to support Troy and together, grow the business”.

Maxx WellhamApprentice –  McCoy’s Bespoke Upholstery

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